Sociably anti-social

So, this is my first blog. Admittedly, I’ve been reticent about starting a blog.  Not because I have anything against them; in fact, I’m rather a fan of the concept, and, if I’m to become serious about my writing, it seems a necessity. Most agencies I query ask authors to list their blog site. Most of the freelance writing gigs posted are a blog of some sort. Finally, a blog forces me to write, at which I would get better with frequency and practice, presumably.

My hesitation with blogging is that it seems so social media. While it’s indeed the way that the majority of information dissemination, marketing, and advertising is headed (or is already there), I can’t help but lump in social media as a whole with other good ideas distorted and twisted by popular culture. Remember the yellow bracelets Lance Armstrong came out with for cancer research? Great idea, and it worked so well that soon there was a bracelet of every color for every conceivable cause. Same thing with the pink ribbons for breast cancer. Facebook started out as a way for college students to connect; now, practically everyone aged 13 to 65 has a page, mostly filled with news articles, advertisements, and posts about someone else’s work, kids, pets, or political ideation. Take a good idea, and the original concept is degraded and lost in the tsunami of mass adoption and imitation.

A recent study states 76% of Americans on the internet in 2015 use social media of some sort, while a 2012 estimate stated that the average enterprise-class company had 178 corporate-owned social media accounts. It’s not going away. Yet, somehow when I hear the phrase “social media”, I think of giggling 20-somethings glued obliviously to their Smartphones as they walk down busy sidewalks or ignore customers at work. I think of guys lighting farts and posting it on YouTube. I think about that girl streaming herself driving drunk on Periscope. I think Kardasians (about whom I am unable to give a krap). I am uncomfortable participating in this. Indeed, when it comes to the social media proliferation, I feel more like one of old men on the balcony on The Muppets – present but disengaged, while joking about and mocking the spectacle.

All that said, of course I have a Facebook account…two, in fact. I’m not beyond redemption. I used to sneer condescendingly at all the suckers in the line at Starbucks to order their triple venti latte cappuccino half-caf blah blah blahs. Then I actually tried Starbucks.  Today, I can walk up to the counter and order my grande triple no-foam skinny mocha with only a twinge of irony eating at me.

So, I’m going to start blogging, and I’m going to learn how to disperse myself over as many social media outlets as possible, and maybe something good will come of it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go figure out how to “tweet.” God help me.

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